Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hobbes Has a New Home and I Get a Mini-Vacation!

Hobbes has found a wonderful new home. She will be traveling to Michigan to live with two humans, a cat and a service dog. She may have a brief layover with me because her new people are in the process of moving and it would be best for them to be in their new house before their new kitty arrives, but that will only be for a few days.

I am very happy for Hobbes and also for her current human, who is relieved to know her kitty will be well cared for.

I am also super excited because on our way to Florida to pick up Hobbes, Isaac and I will have the opportunity to visit a friend in Georgia.  She lives in Georgia and suggested we meet up and she would pay for a hotel room for the night and then travel with me to  Florida to pick up Hobbes and then I will drop her off in Georgia on my way back north. 

So I was looking forward to that anyway, but then I saw the hotel room she booked (and she got a super good price through Price Line, by the way). The hotel is on the beach!  Isaac will get to see the ocean!  I love the ocean myself and taking Isaac to the ocean is on my list of things I really want to do.  This is going to be a great road trip.

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