Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Isaac Meets the Ocean

Tybee Island is a little coastal touristy area just east of Savannah on the Atlantic coast.  A friend who lives on the other side of Georgia met me there on my journey south to pick up Hobbes in Florida.  She paid for a room at a nice hotel right on the beach and then kept me company on the drive to Florida.  On my way back north, I dropped her off in Savannah.

One of the things I've wanted to do is take Isaac to the ocean.  I thought he'd really like it.  He loves Lake Erie, which has tiny waves.

Unfortunately, the beach on Tybee Island is not pet-friendly.  Isaac was allowed because he is a service dog, but he wasn't able to be off leash or to play in the water.  Still, he got to walk on the sand and smell all sorts of new things.
I put his vest on for this because the beach was not pet-friendly.  I hoped it would prevent anyone from telling me he wasn't allowed on the beach.  And I guess it worked.  Or maybe it was just that
there were very few people on the beach and no one cared about one well-mannered dog.

The desk clerk at the hotel when I checked in did tell me that dogs are not allowed on the beach. 

I said, "He's a service dog, though, so he is allowed."

She looked doubtful and said, "I don't know, I've never seen it."

I said, "The Americans with Disabilities Act says he is allowed.  It will be OK."

She looked like she didn't believe me but didn't want to argue.

She just didn't know.  She also asked if I had Isaac's certificate with me when I checked in.  She wanted to make a copy of it.  I said, "No, I don't have any certificate.  There's no such thing, really."

She told me some people have had one.  I said, "Well, anyone with a credit card and internet access can buy one online, but it doesn't mean anything.  It doesn't mean your dog is really a service dog.  It just means you have a credit card and internet access."

Then she asked me if I needed some plastic bags to pick up after Isaac.  I said no, I have plenty.  I promised her I would pick up after him.

Anyway.  The beach.
It was lovely. 

I did take Isaac down to the water and he put his front paws in and dipped his nose in.  Then he tried to take off flying down the beach.  He says the ocean does not taste good.  Not like Lake Erie, which he thinks is delicious.

After that, he was not interested in getting any part of his body in the water.  He was, however, interested in digging a bit in the sand and in sniffing things.

He also expressed an interest in chasing some seagulls but that was not allowed.

After a very long walk, it was time for some relaxation.  Well, I relaxed, anyway.  Isaac was too busy sniffing the air.  His little nose was just twitching like crazy.

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