Friday, January 1, 2016

Sick with a Service Dog

I am sick. Ugh, I am so sick.

It started three days ago.  I felt fine when I woke up but by mid afternoon, I was cold and achy all over and my throat hurt.  My ears also hurt when I swallowed.

The next day I felt worse.  I tried to ignore it, to do what I needed to do even though I felt bad.

Yesterday I woke up at 4:30 am and my ears hurt terribly, especially my left ear.  I decided to go to urgent care.  Isaac and I got there about two minutes after they opened.  I was the first patient of the day.

The nurse practitioner looked in my left ear and said, "Eww."  She ended up prescribing oral antibiotics and ear drops that contain both oral antibiotics and steroids for the inflammation.

Whiskers is a wonderfully cuddly kitty and is great company while I am sick. Isaac, not so much.  He is helpful, he is doing all his tasks.  But he is not so cuddly and he needs exercise.  This morning it was cold, about 27 degrees, but bright and sunny so we went for a walk.  Well, I walked.  Isaac ran and burned off some energy.  But I would have preferred to be home in bed, to be honest.

I love Isaac.  And he's helpful.  I took the ornaments of my Christmas tree today, the ones that were left on the tree.  Whiskers had already removed all the ornaments from the lower branches.  Isaac picked them up off the floor for me. 

He's helpful, but taking care of an active dog is hard work, especially when I'm sick.

I've had three doses of antibiotics and six doses of ear drops (I am supposed to do those four times a day).  I don't feel like the antibiotics are kicking in yet. I'm glad I went to urgent care yesterday, though.  Glad I didn't wait until Monday to see my regular doctor. Although I am going to be calling him first thing Monday morning if I am not feeling better by then.

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