Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Banana Peppers

Tonight I had dinner with a friend and we had pizza. I had tomato and banana pepper on my half and he had pepperoni and banana pepper on his half. When we were done, he had one piece of the pepperoni pizza left, a small one (they cut the pizza in squares some some of the edge pieces were really tiny). There was one slice of pepperoni and a couple banana pepper rings on that piece.

He asked me, "Can I give that last piece of pepperoni to Isaac?"

I said, "If you wait 'til we get outside," because Isaac is not allowed to get food in restaurants.

So we got outside and my friend gave Isaac the whole slice of pizza! I had thought he meant could he give him that one little circle of pepperoni, not the whole piece of pizza!

Isaac ate the whole thing in about three bites without dropping it or putting it on the ground. I wasn't that surprised that he ate the banana pepper on it, since it had cheese on it.

But one of the banana pepper rings fell to the ground. Isaac sniffed it thoughtfully, then delicately plucked it out of the snow and swallowed it. He usually tells me vegetables are not food, but apparently he is making an exception for banana peppers.

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