Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Heard a new one tonight. A friend of mine asked if I could give her a ride to this presentation at her kids' school about internet safety for kids, so Isaac and I did.

When we entered the school, an employee asked me what my dog's name was and I told her. A few minutes later, as we were heading into the auditorium, the employee looked at me and Isaac and said, "Isaac, you control yourself in there."

I was taken aback and I said, "He's a service dog, he always controls himself." Which isn't exactly right, but it's close enough.

After we'd taken our seats, my friend said, "What did she think, you were just bringing your pet dog in here?"

I have no idea what she thought.  I think she was trying to find a nice way to tell me to control my dog.

But every time I think I've heard it all...

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