Friday, February 12, 2016

I Didn't Know There Was a Dog There!

Today was food pantry day at a local church and Isaac and I are regulars there. At this food pantry, you go through a line sort of like a cafeteria line. On the other side of the line are volunteers who hand you items. It's very much like a school cafeteria set up.

Well, Isaac and I are regulars there and most of the workers know us. They all like Isaac and say hello to him. I don't put his vest on him there because we started going there in the summer when it was hot and we'd have to wait in line outside in the hot sun for a while and I didn't want him to be too hot. So they all got used to him working naked there but they know he is a service dog. Because he is not in his vest, though, and just because it's a kind of relaxed environment, I let people pet him and talk to him a lot more than I normally would other places.

Today one woman leaned over the line to see if Isaac was with me and when she say him, said something like "Oh there's the baby! Hi baby!"

The woman in line in front of me looked confused, then looked down and realized there was a dog right behind her. She said "I didn't know there was a dog there!"

I told her "That means he's being good." I really like it when someone is surprised to realize there has been a dog right by them all along.

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