Saturday, February 27, 2016

Road Trip!

Isaac and I are planning another road trip. We are going to Michigan to visit a good friend. We are only staying for two days, but we're looking forward to it. Well, OK, I'm looking forward to it. Isaac is clueless, but he will enjoy himself when we go. He loves road trips and he loves our friend Traci (OK, he loves everyone, but still...), and he is probably going to get to play at a nice dog park near her house and he will have a good time.

I am hoping the weather will be good while we are up north.

I am also hoping I feel better by Monday, when we leave. Yesterday and today I have not felt so great. Yesterday I really thought I was getting sick. I was feeling short of breath and it reminded me of when I had a horrible case of pneumonia years ago. But I had no fever and I also have one of those pulse oximeters that measures the oxygen in your blood and my oxygen level was 99 to 100%, so apparently I was getting plenty of oxygen.

I slept about 14 hours last night, getting up a couple times to take Isaac out and feed him. I felt better when I woke up.

But then today I am feeling kind of nauseous and not hungry, which is unusual for me. Not the nauseous part, I am nauseous kind of a lot, I think.  But the lack of appetite is very unusual for me. And I'm still kind of tired. But hopefully I will feel better by Monday.

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