Wednesday, February 3, 2016

He's a Genius!

Isaac got a new toy today.  Well, two new toys, actually, but they go together.

I went to Petco looking for some sort of puzzle toy.  I didn't find what I wanted. 

So then I just looked at all the dog toys and I ended up looking at some of the Kong Genius toys.  These resemble the regular Kongs in that they are durable rubber and brightly colored and you can put treats in them.  However, they come in a couple different shapes and can be connected to make various configurations, to make it more challenging to get the treats out.

So I ended up buying two in different shapes, which ended up costing more than I really planned to spend.  But it turns out to be worth it because Isaac finds them fascinating.

I filled one of of the pieces with kibble for his dinner, then connected it to the other piece and gave it to him.  Only about half his dinner fit in it at a time, so when he finally got all of the kibble out, he was delighted to discover he got a refill.  I should have timed how long it took him to eat his dinner but I didn't think of it.  Maybe I will tomorrow.  But it took quite a while and he was very engaged.

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