Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cute Kitty Picture

We haven't seen enough of these lately, have we?  That's because my cat have been in hiding since Isaac moved in. 

Cayenne mostly stays in the back bedroom, although she has been venturing into the bathroom if I am in there without Isaac.  Since Isaac thinks it is his job to shadow me constantly, though, that very rarely happens.  She also ventures out to the kitchen to demand dinner if she's hungry enough.  Otherwise, I take her food to the bedroom for her.  I was bringing her out to the living room periodically, but the last two times I did, she hid under the couch and and refused to come out.  I mean, she was under there for hours and hours.  Then she pooped under there.  Mike and I had to move the couch to get her out and clean up the poop.  Fun times, those.

Today I was putting away laundry in the bedroom and discovered Cayenne has found a new place to sleep.
Cute, isn't she?

I think the reason she looks annoyed is because Isaac is sitting behind me, looking at her.


  1. Very cute! But she looks kind of pissed. I hope she settles down after she realizes Isaac isn't going anywhere and she might as well be happy. Cats are funny that way. She is smart and will probably realize soon that she may as well stop hiding. Cute picture!

  2. Today she was sleeping in the basket of dirty laundry in the closet. I've never seen her sleep in there before. Indigo likes to sleep in dirty laundry, but I've never seen Cayenne in there before. I hope Cayenne gets more comfortable with Isaac soon. I really didn't think it would take her this long.

  3. Some cats are more stubborn than others. My cat Oreo still won't accept our other cat Sugar Plum and hisses at Sugar Plum every time she sees her. I properly introduced and separated them like 3 years ago when we added Sugar Plum to our home. Oreo just doesn't like her and probably never will. But pets have a way of finding a peaceful coexistence even if they don't all get along.