Tuesday, February 5, 2013

He Killed the Squeaky Head

Isaac finally destroyed his squeaky head toy.  I rescued the squeaker out of it before he chewed that to bits so I could put it in something else.  I ended up putting it in his tiger's butt.

Yep.  In the tiger's butt.  Isaac has a stuffed tiger that he's had for a couple weeks and has not yet destroyed for some reason.  Stuffed animals usually last him less than one day.  He pulled off the tiger's tail, but that's all.  So I stuck the squeaker in the tiger's butt and sewed it shut.

Isaac loves it.  It took him about two minutes to figure out exactly where to bite it to make it squeak. 


  1. I think it is hilarious that the squeaker has been in several different toys and he's destroyed them both. LOL about sewing it in the tiger's butt! I wonder how long it will last there. He is one clever dog!

  2. I try to rescue the squeakers before he punctures them with his teeth so I can reuse them. Sometimes I put them in an old sock with some stuffing or scraps of cloth. Those don't last long but they are fun and they are easy to make. No sewing required, I just tie a knot in the end of the sock.