Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Videos of Tasks

I finally got the chance to make a few videos of Isaac doing some of his tasks.  I hope to make a few more soon.  For some reason I was unable to put the videos directly on my blog, but you can watch them on Youtube.

Here is one of Isaac picking things up for me, including a hair brush, an ink pen, and a piece of paper.  See how excited he is about it?  Sometimes he gets so excited he lets go of an item before I have a good grasp on it, like he does in this video with my brush.  Then he has to pick it up again.

And here is one of Isaac opening the refrigerator door, which is not actually one of his tasks because I am fully capable of opening the fridge myself.  It's something the trainer did teach him to do, though.  See the rope he pulls to open the door?  That's the same type of rope he pulls to pull the laundry basket for me.  It was easy to teach him to pull the laundry basket because he already knew that "tug" meant to pull a rope like this.  I use the same command to tell him to pull the basket.

And here is one of Isaac bringing my medication to me.


  1. I am so thrilled for you!!! I am wishing you and Isaac nothing but pure joy and happiness.


  2. Very cute! I like how you give him verbal praises. He seems excited to help!

  3. Oh, he gets tons of praise. Sometimes it's more enthusiastic than others, depending on where we are and what's going on, but he always gets praise. Frequently he gets treats, too. He did get a treat after picking up the three items for me, which wasn't shown in the video. He also got a treat after bringing me my medication. He is always excited to help.