Tuesday, February 12, 2013

In My Dreams

I've noticed something interesting recently.  Several times lately, I've had dreams in which Isaac made an appearance.  But the interesting thing is that the dreams weren't about Isaac.  He was just there with me.  For instance, last night I dreamed I was walking down a busy city street, trying to figure out where to catch a bus.  Isaac was beside me, in his service dog gear.

I think that's interesting.  I think it's like when you dream in another language.  The dream isn't about the other language, but in the dream you're fluently speaking another language.  I think that's a sign you're getting pretty fluent in another language.  I've dreamed in sign a few times before.

Anyway, I think these dreams with Isaac are a sign that I'm getting pretty fluent in "Isaac."  A sign that we're bonding, that we're really becoming a team.

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