Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hypnic Jerks and Other Annoyances

Do you know what a hypnic jerk is?  No, it's not a particular type of rude or annoying person.  It's that full-body jerk that sometimes happens as you are dropping off to sleep, usually accompanied or immediately preceded by a feeling of falling.  Often, it wakes you up and then it takes time to settle back down and drop off to sleep again.

Well, I've been having those hypnic jerks a lot lately.  I think it may be a side effect of either my pain medication or my muscle relaxer.  It really sucks because not only does it wake me up when I already have enough trouble sleeping, but it frequently causes a muscle spasm in my back, which is really painful.

Also, today my hips were hurting a lot.  They actually feel OK now but earlier, they were feeling bad.  This is the first time they've hurt this much. That bothers me.  I feel like things are getting worse and worse.  First it was my right elbow, then it was my left knee, too, and now my hips.

And my right arm is getting really bad, whatever it is that's wrong with it.  Besides hurting a lot every time I move it, and besides the raw/irritated/burning feeling I frequently have on my elbow, and besides the bruised feeling I have in my right forearm, I feel like I have less strength in than I used to.  I am having trouble doing things like opening jars and childproof pill bottles.  Although it's hard to say for sure whether I'm having trouble because it's painful to do those things or because my arm is too weak.  I don't know. 

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