Friday, January 10, 2014

Isaac and His Toys

One of the cutest things about Isaac (well, OK, I think almost everything about him is cute, but this is super cute, really) is how he likes to show people his toys when they come over. A total stranger can come to my door and Isaac is delighted to see him, whoever he is, and will invite the stranger to pet him. Then he will run back into the house, pick out a toy and present it to the stranger. 

When we lived with Mike, it was really, really cute because Isaac would bring him a toy each day when he came home from work. If Isaac had gotten a new toy or bone or chew that day, he would always take Mike the new toy to admire. If he hadn't gotten a new toy, he would just pick one of his favorites and show that to Mike. He usually won't actually give the toy to the person, though, although he sometimes gives one to me. Most of the time he just wants them to admire his toy but he doesn't want to let them hold it.

If Isaac presents a toy to a visitor and the visitor doesn't show much interest in it, Isaac will put that toy down and pick up another and present it. He wants the visitor to comment on what a nice toy it is and maybe reach for it, even though he has no intention of actually allowing the visitor to take it from him.

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