Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rainy Day Fun for Doggies

I came across an interesting idea today in an article about indoor games to play with your dog.  The idea is to play fetch with your dog on the stairs.  You sit at the bottom of the stairs and throw a toy up the steps.  You dog runs up and gets the toy and brings it back to you.  The reason you throw the toy up the steps instead of down is that dogs will usually run faster to get the toy than they do when bringing the toy back to you.  Running up steps is safer for dogs than running down steps.  If the dog goes racing down the steps after a toy, he might fall and hurt himself.

I love this idea.  Isaac and I do play fetch in my apartment but there is not much room to run, really.  But there are stairs in the building and Isaac actually likes stairs for some reason.  I think it's just because he likes to be physically active but I'm not sure.  I just know he enjoys going up and down steps.  Most of my neighbors use the elevator most of the time (I do, too).  So we wouldn't likely bother anyone by playing fetch on the stairs.

I think Isaac would like that a lot.  It would be a good way to burn off some energy on a day he can't get outside much.  I wonder how many times he'd have to run up the stairs before he got tired.

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