Monday, January 20, 2014

Isaac the Carrying Canine

Isaac now loves carrying a cloth shopping bag with something in it.  Loves it.  Today we walked over to the rental office to drop something off.  It's not a very long walk, but I thought it might be too long for Isaac to carry the bag, so I planned to carry it part of the way, then give it to him to carry the rest of the way.  Isaac did not like my plan, however.  It seems he thinks carrying that bag is his job.  He kept trying to take it out of my hand.  On our way home, I let him carry it the whole way and he seemed quite happy to be carrying it.  He walked at a good pace and his head was held high and his tail was wagging like crazy.

I think tomorrow we'll try it with a different bag.  I don't want him to think he can only carry that one bag, that that's his special bag, and not be able to carry other bags if I need him to.  Although the idea has occurred to me to make a special bag just for him.  Maybe one that zips, to make sure nothing falls out if he drops it.  Maybe with a handle similar to the bag my meds are in, because that bag is really easy for him to grab.

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