Monday, January 6, 2014

My Right Elbow

I've been having widespread pain for a while now, but my right elbow is really killing me.  I am definitely right-handed but I need to start learning to do certain things with my left hand because my right elbow just hurts too much.  It's hard to brush my hair with my right hand.  I normally sit at the right end of my couch and keep my mouse on the arm of the couch beside me.  And beside the couch is an end table where I keep a drink.  But using the mouse hurts my elbow.  They probably  make a mouse shaped for a left hand, don't they?  And often now it is very difficult to lift a glass from the end table with my right arm.  I might have to rearrange my living room so I can sit on the other end of the couch and easily pick up  my drink with my left arm.

Other things that are painful or difficult to do with my right arm include opening my car door, carrying things, pouring a glass of milk, getting wet clothes out of the washing machine, and scrubbing my carpet where the cat peed.

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