Saturday, January 25, 2014

So I Got My Meds...

My doctor did call them in yesterday, thank goodness, and I picked them up this afternoon.

Getting to the pharmacy and back was an adventure.  I guess that's a positive way to say it.  Or I could say it was a pain in the ass.  That's probably a more accurate way to say it.

It snowed a lot overnight and all morning.  It was very windy and there were huge snow drifts.  Well, I guess not that huge, at least not compared to some parts of the U.S. right now, but there were snow drifts that came up to my knees. 

One of these drifts was in my parking lot.  Not in the middle of the parking lot, but blocking the part of the parking lot where you would walk from the sidewalk into the parking lot.  The snow removal people had apparently come, plowed the middle of the parking lot, waded through the knee-deep snow to get to the sidewalk, shoveled the sidewalk and left.  WTF?

So Isaac and I waded through the snow (Isaac didn't mind it), I knocked the snow off my car, and we were off.  The roads are bad.  My county is currently under a level two snow emergency, which means you should stay off the roads unless you really need to go somewhere.  Well, I really needed to get my meds.

I picked up the meds with no trouble and then drove home.  There is a short hill, not terribly steep, that you have to drive up to get into the parking lot of my building.  There was snow and ice on the hill and my car could not make it up the hill.  I tried several times.  I ended up having to park in the lot of the building that is behind mine.

I tried to get Isaac to carry my meds from the car back to my apartment and he refused to take the shopping bag from me.  I have no clue why.  I was cold and getting frustrated so I just carried it myself.  I didn't need him to carry it, I just wanted to give him practice doing it.

When I got home, I called the property manager to inform him that his snow removal people suck.  He said he would call them.  He said he guessed he needed to be more clear with them about the areas they are supposed to shovel.  I mean, you'd think it would be common sense that people need to be able to get from the sidewalk to the parking lot, but I guess not.  There is no way any of my neighbors that use wheelchairs or walkers could get through that much snow, by the way.  Isaac and I were able to wade through it, but a wheelchair would not make it.  So much for accessibility.

Then I got out the pill bottles and realized that for some reason my doctor only called in ten days worth of meds.  Seriously?  So we get to have all this fun again in just ten days? 

I'm kind of mad but it also makes me feel exhausted.  It was a pain in the ass getting these meds refilled.  I don't wanna have to go through all that again in just ten days.

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  1. That was really a bad call on the property manager’s part. But as you’ve said, it really was common sense. Even if you don’t factor in the wheelchair, people would still need a clear access to get to their vehicles. As for the meds, it’s too bad that you have to go back and do everything all over again after 10 days. Wasn’t there a way to order them bulk, like 3 months or so? It also might be cheaper that way, if they offer discounts on those kinds of orders.

    Drea Tyrell | Anaheim Hills