Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oh, You'd Like to Have Medicaid?

On the gastric bypass forum on which I participate, someone asked a question about whether or not Medicaid would pay for blood tests.  I responded, saying that Medicaid in Ohio has always paid for my blood work but that Medicaid differs somewhat from state to state. 

Someone else posted, saying, "WOW, so i could get  surgery, labs, meds, vitamins, protein drinks all covered!! can i also get the plastics covered to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   may have to look into how to get this, i have BCBS."

Oh, yes, I am so lucky to be disabled and poor so that I can get Medicaid. It's ever so much nicer than being healthy and able to work and able to have real health insurance.

My response was, "Medicaid in my state does not cover OTC stuff like vitamins or protein drinks.

But if you'd like to get Medicaid, I'll tell you how I did it.  All you have to do is become disabled.  I did that by being sexually abused as a child so that I developed severe PTSD.  So go get sexually assaulted a whole bunch of times and then spend lots of time on locked psych wards taking medications with horrible side effects.  Do that for about 12 years.  Try to work and keep a job during all that time.  Try to kill yourself a couple times in there, because the flashbacks are so horrible.  Have nightmares almost every night.  Then have your psychiatrist and psychologist both recommend you apply for disability.  Quit your job.  Go the the social security office and fill out a bunch of paperwork.  Move in with a sympathetic friend while you wait five months to find out if you will get SSDI or not, because you have no income and can't afford to pay your rent.  Then, when you start getting SSDI, go apply for Medicaid.

Does that really sound like something you'd like to do?"


  1. The average person is an ignorant idiot, unfortunately. This person has no tact.

    1. Well, yeah. But that's not a very good excuse.

      I know people that use wheelchairs that have been told they are lucky that they get to sit down all the time. And that they are lucky because they get to go to the head of the lines at Disney World. I am not making that up.

      I know several people that have been told they were lucky to be disabled because they get all the good parking spaces.

      Obviously people don't think. But they need to start.

  2. I agree. I didn't mean to suggest that ignorance or idiocy is an excuse for how they act. People do need to think. Just that it helps me to wrap my head around other people's actions by remembering they are probably ignorant idiots. Their limited intellectual capacity or social skills prevent them from behaving better. It helps me feel a little better.

    1. It is amazing to me how so many people lack what I believe are basic social skills. I wish they'd actually teach social skills in school. When I was a social worker and I ran an anger management program, I worked with so many kids that just lacked basic social skills. And it's not that hard to teach to kids, especially younger kids.