Sunday, August 31, 2014

At the Nature Center

Yesterday Isaac and I went for a long walk at a nearby nature center.

OK, Isaac ran more than he walked.  I love that I am able to let him off leash at certain parks now.  He does not have perfect recall and I wish it was better and I do plan to keep working on it.  But he doesn't go far from me.  He runs ahead a little, then comes running back to check in with me, then runs ahead a bit more.  He also likes to go off the trail and kind of circle around and come up behind me. 

Mike often goes for walks with us and Isaac displays what I think is kind of herding behavior, which is really funny to me.  He goes a little ahead of us, then comes back and checks in with both of us, and nudges Mike if he is dropping behind. 

I put him back on the leash if other people are around, because Isaac has not yet figured out that not everyone wants a big doggie running up to them at full speed, trying to kiss them.  Luckily most people like Isaac but it's still not good manners.

Isaac also got to go for a swim in the pond, which was full of lily pads.

He really loves to swim!

I hate that winter will be here soon.  We are trying to spend as much time as we can outdoors while the weather is still nice.

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