Tuesday, August 19, 2014

You Know That "Dentist Office" Smell?

Yesterday I went to the dentist.  My regular dentist.  To see if he agreed with the periodontist that I do not have advanced periodontal disease or with the oral surgeon that I do have advanced periodontal disease and need to have two teeth removed.

Nice man, he said I do not have periodontal disease and he would not remove any teeth.  He said oral surgeons just like to pull teeth because that's what they do.  So I called the oral surgeon and left a message with his receptionist, explaining that I would not be scheduling any tooth extractions and why.  I really hope she passed it on to the surgeon.

I love my dentist.  He did not even charge me for the appointment.

Isaac was really good.  He was lying on his side, snoozing away during the whole appointment.

You know that dentist office smell?  Well, as the dentist was examining my mouth and Isaac was snoozing away, suddenly, that dentist office smell was replaced with a most foul and offensive odor.  Isaac had farted.

The nice dentist pretended not to notice. 

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