Friday, August 15, 2014

Day at the Lake

Isaac and I went to Lake Erie today.  I woke up feeling tired and just not-good, but eventually dragged myself out of bed and decided to go to the lake.  As always, as soon as we got there, I was glad I went.  I need more time in nature.  I love the lake.  I love the feel of the warm sand under my feet.  I love the sound of the waves lapping at the shore.  And I love the pure joy I see in Isaac as he runs across the sand and plays in the water.

For some reason I've having trouble posting some of the photos I took with my phone today, but I am able to post this one.  This is Isaac, rolling in a dead fish he dug up on the beach.  Yeah, I know it's gross.  But he was already doing it before I could stop him.  And he was having so much fun.  He was so happy to be rolling in the stink.

He'd already been in the water so sand was sticking to him all over.  Look how dirty he is!  But look how happy, too.

He stunk.  I had to leave the windows down the whole way home.  He got a bath as soon as we got in the door.

But he was such a happy, happy dog.

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