Friday, August 15, 2014

Update on the State of My Mouth

I saw the oral surgeon today, who told me I have "advanced periodontal disease" and two teeth need to come out.  He said there is no saving them.

I asked how come the periodontist I just saw two days ago wasn't able to diagnose advanced periodontal disease and he said "I don't know.  That's a good question."

He advises removing the two teeth ASAP and strongly recommends doing it under general anesthesia because of the degree of infection and inflammation.  He said if I really wanted, he would do it under a local with me awake, but he suspects it will be very painful because the infected, inflamed tissue won't numb properly.  Well, I'd rather be out anyway, except it costs more and I have to have someone to drive me.  They want me to have someone stay with me for 12 hours after the procedure, but there is simply no way that will happen.  I might - might - be able to get someone to drive me rather than take a cab but they would probably just drop me off at home.  Maybe come in with me for a few minutes but not for 12 hours.  But OK, I just wouldn't tell the surgeon that.

After removing the two teeth, I can get a bridge or dental implants.  Except I can't, because I cannot afford it.  There is no way I can possibly afford it.  Maybe in a year or two, but not now.  So I would have a big gap in my teeth in the front of my mouth.  Which normally would bother me but I don't even care that much right now because I just want my mouth to stop hurting and want to be able to eat again.

But I was really confused because not only did the periodontist that I saw two days ago not diagnose advanced periodontal disease, but neither did my regular dentist that I saw maybe six weeks ago.  And when I had my teeth cleaned 11 months ago (Medicaid only pays for it once a year, not every six months), my dentist said my gums were "in great shape."  How can you develop such advanced periodontal disease in less than one year?

So after I left the oral surgeon, I called the periodontist to tell him what the surgeon said.  He said he absolutely disagrees, that he saw absolutely no sign of periodontal disease (advanced or otherwise) in my mouth.  He does not know what is causing the inflammation and pain and stuff, but feels certain it is not periodontal disease.  He does not think the two teeth need to come out.

Well, so far I have seen three physicians and spent $1,146 out of my pocket, and I am still in pain, still cannot eat any solid food, and still don't even know what is wrong with me.

I called my regular dentist to ask what he thought and am waiting for him to call me back.

The oral surgeon also thought the infection was really bad and he prescribed two different antibiotics for that.  So I will start taking those today (it's a total of eight pills a day, ugh) and try to figure out what to do.  I am so frustrated!


  1. After having had my RNY I have had major troubles with antibiotics. They don't work. I almost died because of an infected impacted wisdom tooth. The swelling increased to the point that I had difficulty breathing. So now I need to get all my antibiotics as a liquid. BTW once I realized that my dr. switched me to a liquid I healed very very quickly. I think the part of my digestive system that is supposed to absorb the antibiotic was affected by my RNY. Good luck!

    1. I've done Ok with antibiotics for other things, including a UTI and strep throat. Both times i took them in pill form. So I think I absorb those OK. But if these don't seem to work, I'll ask about trying a liquid.