Thursday, April 24, 2014

Accessibility and Mail Delivery

On Monday I emailed the post office through the USPS website with a complaint because the mail carrier had left a package on the ground outside my door. That is a problem for me because I have a very difficult time bending over to pick things up from the ground. Isaac could not pick it up for me because, although it was not at all heavy, the box was too large for even his big mouth. What really made me mad was that I was at home when it was delivered! The mail carrier just didn't bother to knock on the door.

So I emailed them. The website said I would get a response in one to two days. It's been three days and I've received no response. However, this afternoon I did get an email containing a survey in which the USPS wanted to know how satisfied I was with their customer service and with the response to my email. Um... that would be NOT AT ALL SATISFIED because there WAS NO RESPONSE.

If you recall, I had a similar situation in the past with Fed Ex.  When I spoke with a manager there, he basically told me he was sorry I was unhappy with my experience with them but that there policy is that drivers can leave packages on the ground and if I am unable to reach it, well, he is sorry but they will do it again in the future whether I like it or not.  Seriously.  So since then, I have made a real effort to avoid ordering anything that would be shipped by Fed Ex.

Anyone remember the Seinfeld episode in which Kramer decided he didn't want to receive any mail and bricked up his mailbox?  I'm wanting to do that!

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