Saturday, April 5, 2014

Updates on This and That

Just little bits and pieces of stuff here:
  • I've decided I like my hair cut.  It is easier to wash and brush this way, which is mostly why I like it.  Oddly enough, only one person has mentioned the hair cut to me.  I've seen Mike a couple times since I got it cut and he apparently didn't even notice.  Only one of my  neighbors mentioned it.  I was expecting people to ask me about it, why I cut it, etc.  I got a lot cut off.  I don't see how they haven't noticed.  But apparently people just don't pay much attention.  Which is OK.  I didn't really want to to explain why I got it cut, anyway.
  • One of Cayenne's tumors is bleeding again.  Her belly was looking so nice.  Then today, I was out for a while, and when I came home I noticed a large spot of dried blood on her blankie on the couch.  There was also some blood smeared on the windowsill by her food and water dishes.  That's not unexpected, but still, I hated to see it.
  • I think the red lights are actually helping at night.  I feel like I've slept better the last two nights.  The first night, I was kind of anxious because they didn't provide quite as much light as I would have liked.  I also really don't like the color red that much so I wasn't thrilled with them at first.  But I think they are helping some, which makes me like them a little more.
  • I also think the warmer weather is helping.  I knew the cold makes my joints ache.  I just didn't realize how much.  But now that it's warming up some, I feel a lot better.  I still have pain, but it's better.

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