Friday, April 18, 2014

More on Staring and Pointing

With my previous blog post on the subject still fresh in my mind, Isaac and I went off the do our grocery shopping.  There, we encountered a young father who seemed determined to teach his toddler to stare and point at disabled people with service dogs.

The toddler was looking at something on a shelf when Isaac and I walked past the family.  The father spotted Isaac, picked up his daughter and turned her around so she would see Isaac, pointed and said excitedly, "Doggie!  Doggie!  Doggie!"

The father was saying "doggie," not the toddler.

Two more times Isaac and I happened to pass this family in the store, and each time, the father pointed and squealed, "Doggie!  Doggie!"  Then the toddler began to point and squeal, "Doggie!  Doggie!" as well, which seemed to please her father very much.

Good grief.  Why on earth would you want to teach your child to point and stare at disabled people in the store?

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