Friday, April 11, 2014

Doggie Dreaming at the Diner

Today Isaac and I joined a friend for lunch at a local diner.  Isaac went under the table and lay down for a nap, just like he is supposed to.  In fact, he was sleeping so well, he did not notice when my friend accidentally dropped part of a french fry under the table.  He was stretched out on his side, snoozing away, when all of a sudden he let out a kind of loud "woof." 

I think he was dreaming.  Occasionally he barks in his sleep.  Usually it's at night, when he's sleeping really soundly, and usually his feet are also twitching when he does it, like he is running in his sleep.  It's a weird sort of bark, not quite like how he barks when he is awake.  Of course, when he is awake and barks, he never does it while he's lying on his side.  He generally sits up or stands up to bark.

Anyway, he let out this "woof," and normally when he barks in his sleep it doesn't wake him up, but today it seemed he startled himself.  He jumped to his feet, banging his head on the bottom of the table in the process.  I rubbed his head, and then he put his head in my lap and seemed to want to snuggle.  Well, putting his head in my lap is fine, but then he wanted to climb up in my lap, which is not fine in a restaurant, of course.  I don't think he banged his head that hard, he seems to have a really hard head, but he seemed to want to be comforted for some reason.

I petted him for a few minutes, and talked to him, and then he lay down and went back to sleep.  The funny thing is, even though he barked under the table, most of the people eating around us still didn't realize there was a dog under there.  I'm not sure what they thought that "woof" was, but when we got up to leave, they were surprised to see a doggie come out from under the table.  That's always kind of fun, when people are surprised to see there's been a dog at the table next to them all along.

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