Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wound Care on the Cat

Cayenne's wound care is going about like you might expect.  Actually, it's been a bit easier than I anticipated, which is not to say it's easy.  But she's only drawn blood a few times and only poked holes through one tee shirt with her claws.  Although she might have poked more holes had she not managed to use her back feet to push up my shirt a few times she that she could poke holes directly into the flesh of my belly.

She clearly thinks she is being tortured for the whole two minutes it takes - three, if she squirms particularly much - to wipe down her belly with two wads of gauze soaked in surgical soap and then have a quart of clean water poured over the wounds.

The wounds don't look any smaller to me, but the largest one seems to have less disgusting green slimy stuff in it and there is no foul smell at all coming from the wounds.  So I guess that's good.

She goes back to the vet Wednesday so we'll see what he thinks.

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