Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Finally Fixed My Coffee Table

When I moved here, almost a year ago, the glass tabletop of my coffee table got a crack in one corner.  A few days later, Isaac dropped his Kong on it and a large shard of glass broke off.  I ended up taping a piece of cardboard over it, which was supposed to be a temporary fix, until I could do something more attractive with it. 

I ended up buying a piece of plywood and having it cut to fit, only when I got home, I discovered the guy at Lowe's didn't quite cut it right.  It still didn't totally fit.  Only, like an idiot, I didn't discover that right away.  I just assumed it was right and would fit, so I went ahead and decorated it.

What I did was cut out leaf shapes from scrapbook paper in nice nature prints and then arrange those on the plywood.  I decoupaged it and it looked pretty neat.

Until, that is, I moved the glass panel and tried to put my nice new decoupaged panel in and discovered it was still too big.  Bummer.

So I had to get it cut a little bit more.  But of course I don't have a saw or anything like that.  So I asked a friend to do it for me and said there was no rush.  Well, it's a good thing there was no rush, because that was months and months ago.

But I got it back today.  And it fits. 

Isaac inspected it carefully for me and finally gave his approval.

Of course, by the time I put all my junk on it, you can't see as much of the design on it anyway.  But it's better than cracked glass with a piece of cardboard taped over one corner of it.

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