Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Poor Kitty Scheduled for Surgery

Cayenne went to the vet today.  Amazingly, she did not poop in the car on the way there or on the way back.  She did, however, pee on the way home.

The bad news is that the vet did not feel her wound improved as much as he would have liked and so he now recommends surgery.  I'm still glad I took her to the second vet, though, and that we tried other treatment first.  I also feel much better about the choice to schedule surgery because he took the time to answer all my questions, unlike the other vet.

So Monday Cayenne goes under the knife.  Hopefully she recovers more easily than last time.  Poor kitty.


  1. Is your cat suffering a great deal, and if so, as hard as it is to make yourself do this, why dont you have have her put to sleeep?

    1. I don't believe she is suffering, and neither does her vet. She has cancer, two masses on her belly. The skin on one of those masses has been breaking down and there is now an infected wound there. That is what the surgery will fix. She is as active now as she was a year ago - a bit more active, actually, which I think is because she's now on an anti-inflammatory medication which I believe is helping her arthritis, so it's easier for her to jump up on furniture and stuff now. Her appetite is good - she's actually a slight bit heavier than she was a year ago, but her weight is very good. She does not appear to be in pain. She gets excited over treats, being brushed, sitting in front of the open window, etc. If I believed she was suffering, I would have her put to sleep. I specifically asked her vet just 10 days ago if he thought she was suffering, because I wanted to make sure I wasn't just trying to convince myself that she wasn't. He said no, he does not believe she's suffering and does not believe she needs to be euthanized at this time.

    2. Good, as a person who has lost several of my Beloved fur babies, I know how hard it is to have makew the decision to euthanize them. Good Luck.

    3. It is a hard decision but I'd rather do it than let her suffer, when that time comes. Many years ago, I had a kitty that had feline leukemia. She didn't seem to be suffering and I wanted to let her just die peacefully at home. Then one night about midnight she started having seizures. It was horrible. Just horrible. It was the longest night of my life. We were waiting at the vet's door when he arrived at 8 am the next morning to have her euthanized but I've always regretted not doing it sooner. Even though she didn't seem to be in any pain, for the last few days of her life, all she did was sleep. I don't think she recognized people or anything. She didn't seem to be suffering, but she wasn't enjoying her life, either. I wish I'd decided to euthanize her sooner. And I've always sworn I'd never do that again. But Cayenne does seem to enjoy life right now. She does sleep a lot, but she's 15 years old. I'm told adult cats sleep at least 65% of the time. But she gets very excited about treats, runs to sit in front of the window when I open it (well, OK, maybe she doesn't run, but she moves pretty quickly, especially compared to her usual pace), when she sees her pink brush she stands up and starts prancing around and making this chirping noise. She purrs when I pet her.

    4. Just do your best. It is obvious that you love your animal companions.