Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Another Therapy Dog Story

There is a woman, we'll call her Dorothy, at the nursing home that loves Isaac.  She's the one he kissed on the nose the first day we visited and got all excited and kept touching her nose, saying, "He kissed me right here!  Here is where he kissed me!"

Dorothy is always relaxing in a recliner in a common area when we get there.  Yesterday, she was napping.  I gently touched her shoulder and woke her up because I felt certain she would not want to miss a visit from Isaac.  When she saw it was me, and that Isaac was with me, she immediately sat up straight, looking wide awake and happy.

On our first visit, she told me that when her husband proposed to her, she told him she would only marry him if he would allow her to have a dog.  She loves dogs.

Yesterday she told me that she'd always had dogs and also cats.  I asked her which she liked better, dogs or cats.  She seemed a little... I don't know, maybe just groggy from sleeping, but it seemed like more than that.  Not exactly confused or disoriented.  She seemed to understand what I was saying but seemed to be having trouble expressing herself, trouble finding the right words for what she wanted to say.  When I asked her which she liked better, dogs or cats, she stuttered a bit, then pointed to Isaac and said, "This one."

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