Thursday, June 12, 2014

Watching Cayenne Sleep

I'm sitting here watching Cayenne sleep.  She's been sleeping more lately.  If that's possible.  She's always slept a lot.  But over the last week, she's really, really been sleeping a lot. 

Right now she is curled up sleeping on the couch.  She spent a little time in the window earlier.  But she is spending more time sleeping on the couch and less time in the window lately.  She used to really, really enjoy sitting in the open window. 

And over the last week, she's spent a fair amount of time hiding under the couch and under the bed.  I assume that means she is not feeling well.  But she'll spend a day or half a day hiding, then come out and yowl until I serve her some canned cat food, then gobble it up like she's starving.  And I assume that means she's feeling better.

We might be getting close to the end.  I know I've said that before.  I've thought it before.  Always there has been a reprieve.  Maybe there will be another.  Maybe there won't.

I brushed her earlier, very gently.  She used to have this wonderfully full, fluffy tail.  It's not anymore.  I guess at some point, she lost some tail hair.  For some reason, that makes me really sad.

Today she ate her canned cat food, some dry cat food, a little shredded cheese, a little minced hotdog and a couple cat treats.  She is still interested in food. 

I think she is less interested in other things, though, like being brushed and looking out the window.

She's still beautiful.

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  1. There was a lot of back and forth emotions when my dog was nearing her last days too. Sometimes she would have bad days and I would start to prepare myself, and then she would perk up and seem happier and more "with it". Then it would go downhill again. Very hard to deal with, and she never did lose her appetite or anything else major. I just knew..