Monday, June 30, 2014

Isaac at the Welfare Office

Today I had to visit my county welfare office, which is not one of my favorite places.  Isaac, however, seems to really like the welfare office.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe it's a combination of the nice cool floors to lie on when it's hot outside and the excellent opportunity for people-watching.

I often have to remind myself that Isaac and I like different things when it comes to places.  For instance, Isaac likes the dumpster behind my apartment building, because it's smelly.  I do not like the dumpster behind my apartment building, because it's smelly.  I like Chipotle, because they have great food.  Isaac does not like Chipotle, because he does not get to eat any of the great food there and they have a hard, uncomfortable floor to lie on (I've started taking a towel with us for him to lie on, which he likes at least a little better).  Even when we both like a place, we often like it for different reasons.  For instance, we both like Lake Erie, but I like it because I like the sound of the waves lapping at the shore and Isaac likes it because there are plenty of dead fish lying around to roll in.

Anyway, I dislike visiting the welfare office because the waiting room has uncomfortable chairs and not enough of them, so I often end up standing for long periods of because I often have to wait a really long time even for something simple, like dropping off some paperwork.  At least the employees at my county office are reasonably nice and polite.  That is not the case at most welfare offices, at least not in my experience.

But Isaac seems to like it.  He sprawls out on the floor, then watches the people through half-closed eyes.  Today there was a little girl who had just turned two (said her mother) that was flirting with Isaac.  Her mom was watching her closely and not letting her get too close and reminding her that "That dog is not for petting," but she would get as close as her mom would let her, bend over so she could look Isaac in the eye (they were eye-to-eye when Isaac stood up, but most of the time he was lying down with his chin flat on the floor), and smile sweetly at him and flutter her eyelashes at him.  Isaac flirted back, watching her with his big eyes, drooling happily on the floor.

Isaac was really good, though, and stayed in a down position, even though I could tell he wanted to play with the little girl.  Before we left, I allowed the two of them to say hello.  She petted him gently and he kissed her gently, first on the hand, then on the cheek, which made her giggle and giggle.

I'm glad at least one of us had a nice time there.


  1. Your local welfare office may allow you to mail in or fax in any paperwork you need to send them. Ours does. They will even do the interviews over the phone. There is no way I can sit in their lobby long enough to get an interview. My back hurts way way too much.

    1. With most things, they will. Today I needed a gas voucher for a medical appointment. In my county (and it's not in all counties in my state, maybe just certain counties, maybe because I'm in a very rural area with no public transportation, I don't know) you can get a gas voucher to reimburse you for gas used to get to medical appointments. You have to take a form with you to the appointment, have the medical provider sign the form verifying you were there, and then take the form to the welfare office. They might allow you to fax the form in, I'm not sure. But you only have five days from the day of the appointment to turn in the form to get the voucher. They give you the voucher right there, but maybe if you faxed in the form, maybe they would mail the voucher to you. But you only have five days from the date the voucher is issued to use it. Then it expires. So the voucher I got today, Monday, expires Saturday. I would worry if they mailed it to me, something would happen and I wouldn't get it in time and it would expire.

  2. Maybe next time you go in for an appointment, you can ask the office to fax it on your behalf?