Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I Love it When People Notice How Well-Behaved Isaac Is

Today at the dollar store, the cashier commented on how well-behaved Isaac is when we stand by the counter to pay.  She mentioned that most animals would be sniffing all the candy that is displayed right at Isaac's nose level and probably trying to eat the candy, as well.  But Isaac just stands there, ignoring it.

Well, he does most of the time.  Occasionally he tries to sneak a sniff, if he thinks I'm not looking.  I tell him "That's not yours" and he leaves it alone.  I love the "that's not yours" command.  It basically means "leave it" but it sound nicer and people often think it's kind of funny, too.

The cashier pointed out that Isaac was standing there with his head turned, like he didn't even want to look at the candy to be tempted by it.  She said she's noticed he often does that.  I hadn't noticed that but sure enough, he was standing like that today.

I really love it when people notice how well-behaved Isaac is.  It's much nicer than being asked "Are you training him?"  He is trained, he's had a lot of training, and it's nice when people recognized that.

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