Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Doggie at the Doctor's

Here's Isaac, at the doctor's office with me this morning.  His butt, which is sticking out from under the chair, is in a corner.  You can't really see the wall in the picture, but his butt is right in the corner, out of the way.

My appointment was really early, 7:30 am and Isaac and I are usually in bed at that time.  He was still very tired.  He usually wants to say hello to my doctor, and my doctor likes him and remembers his name, but today Isaac barely lifted his head when the doctor came in.  He was too tired.

And on a related note, my doctor order some blood work so hopefully I will figure out why I have been so tired lately.  I think it is likely low iron but he seemed skeptical.  I can understand why he would be skeptical since I am on a lot of iron, but coupled with feeling cold all the time and the frequent headaches, that seems the most likely cause to me.  Plus problems with iron absorption are kinda common in gastric bypass patients several years post-surgery.  My doctor seemed unaware that headaches are symptom of iron deficiency, though, and also isn't real aware of issues related to gastric bypass surgery.  But whatever, he ordered the labs.

He also ordered a test for mono.  Which I do not think I have.  But he seemed to think it more likely it is something viral. 

He did ask me if I was sure it wasn't the "winter blahs."  I was like, um, I don't know.  What is that, exactly?  What are the symptoms and how does one diagnose it?  I don't think that's even a thing.  I think that's almost like telling me it's all in my head and I know a lot of stuff is in my head, at least partially, but I don't think this overwhelming fatigue is.

But anyway.  I get labs done tomorrow.


  1. It is always nice too see service dogs out in public. My Liz is also a big dog and only her head fits under à chair. What do you do if you had to sit somewhere that you are not against a wall so your service dog can be out of the way?

    1. Have him sit or lie by my feet, or pick a chair that's kind of out of the way, or... well, it depends on the layout of the room. On occasion I have pulled a chair out a bit from the wall so he could lie behind my chair, between the chair and the wall behind me. He just needs to be somewhere that people are not likely to trip over him or have trouble getting around him. And Isaac naturally prefers to sprawl out in the middle of the floor. He will go under a table or chair or corner if I tell him to, but most of the time, his natural inclination is to sprawl. I'll try to post a few other pictures of him in different spots where he's not under a chair but out of the way.

    2. Because my service dog is partly. Used to create a barrier between my right leg and everyone she mostly needs to lay in from of me or by my right side. I know sometimes others might find that inconvenient but for me it is helpful.