Friday, March 20, 2015

Fatigue. Big Time.

I have been exhausted a lot lately.  I mean, a lot more than usual.  Maybe it's just my fibro but my pain is reasonably controlled and I don't know why the fatigue would sudden get much, much worse.  I feel like maybe my iron is low, but I take a ton of iron so it shouldn't be.  But I think I need some blood work done.

I see my rheumatologist in a week and I was trying to wait until then to ask her if she thinks it's the fibro or something else.  But I decided today, once I finally pulled myself out of bed, that I need to go see my primary care doctor and get some labs ordered now.

Mind you, last night I went to sleep on the couch about 7:30 pm.  I got up about 11 pm, at something and talked to a friend on the phone for a bit, then was back to sleep by midnight.  Isaac work me up early in the morning and I took him out to pee and fed him, then went back to bed.  I didn't really get up until about 10 am.

Then I took Isaac for a 45 minute nap and now I feel like I really want to go back to sleep again.

This is beyond my normal level of fatigue.  And I hate it.

Only I can't get in touch with  my doctor's office.  I keep calling and getting voice mail telling me what their office hours are and to call back then.  Only I am calling during those office hours.  I hate when businesses do that.  They need to answer the phone.

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