Saturday, March 21, 2015

Isaac and the Very Dead Possum Head

Yesterday at the park, Isaac found a very dead possum head. Yes, just the head. I am pretty sure it was a possum head. It was kinda hard to tell.

Isaac was most excited and pleased with his find. He jumped a fence to get to it, then picked it up and looked at me, wagging his tail proudly. Fortunately he did drop it when I told him to.

Wanna bet he finds that dead possum head next time we are at that park and looks just as surprised and pleased about it? Unless I get lucky and something carries it off before we go back there. Which could happen. It was still pretty, um, juicy.

There was a bone, like a steak bone or something, at the park early in the winter and he found that thing every time we were there for about three weeks. It would snow a bit and he'd dig it up and I'd tell him to drop it, then he'd find it and dig it up again the next day. I hope the possum head will not be like that.

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