Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Juice Doggie Update

Isaac and I are still working on fetching a juice box from the fridge.  I had hoped he'd have the task down fully by now, but no, not yet.  He will open the fridge and retrieve the juice box and bring it to me, but only if I am not too far away.  This morning I stood in the living room, right around the corner so I was out of sight of the fridge but still fairly close, and I was also blocking the light switch.  That's because if I try to stand near the couch and tell him to get the juice, he gets excited and doesn't listen well and thinks I want him to turn on the light instead.  But since I was blocking the light switch and pointing in the general direction of the fridge, he quickly figured out what I wanted.

In the beginning, he had a problem with sometimes not opening the door to the fridge far enough and then it would swing shut again before he had a change to get around it to get the juice.  Then he would stand there looking at the closed fridge in confusion, like he didn't know how he was supposed to get to the juice since the door had closed.  I had to give the "tug" command again for him to open the door.  Well, I don't have to give the "tug" command at all now, I just give the "juice" command and he knows to open the door.  If it does happen to close before he gets the juice, he opens it again without any prompting from me.  But it hardly ever closes on him now because he's figured out how to get his head around it quickly, because it can close.  So he is making progress and figuring things out.  I love watching him think and solve problems and learn.

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