Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Best Part of Waking Up Is... a Tomato on Your Leg?

Tonight I had dinner with a friend.  I was eating a grilled portabello sandwich and dropped a bite of tomato under the table. Yes, I am sometimes sloppy.

I looked under the table to see if Isaac was eating it, but he was snoozing on his side with his legs stretched out.  The tomato had landed on his leg and he did not appear to notice it was there.  I kept glancing under the table during the meal to see if he'd noticed it, but he was just snoozing away. 

When we were done eating and I woke him up to leave, he noticed it, looked surprised, and then gobbled it up.  Maybe it was because there was a little mayo on it.  I wouldn't expect him to like tomatoes.

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