Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Where Does the Dog Go?

Someone asked me what I do when I can't get a chair in a corner where Isaac will be out of the way, like he was in the doctor's office in this pic.
The answer is, it depends on the layout of the room.  He just needs to not be in the way.

Here he is lying beside the exam table in a doctor's office.  I asked what side of the table would be best for him to lie on so he wouldn't be in the doctor's way.

Here he is sitting right beside my knees in a waiting room.
Here he is behind a chair at my rheumatologist's office.  I actually put him there because she is afraid of dogs, not because otherwise he'd be in the way, but the same idea can work in crowded places, too.

The main thing is that the service dog is not in the way.

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