Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Greeting Friends

Yesterday Isaac and I were at the Medicaid office, waiting for our turn to get a gas voucher.  One of my neighbors, a woman Isaac likes a lot, walked in.

When Isaac sees someone he knows well in a public place, he is never expecting it and it always pleasantly surprised.  Maybe delighted would be a better word.  When Mike and I meet for lunch or something, I almost always wait outside the restaurant so Isaac and Mike can greet each other before we go inside.  Isaac has a very hard time staying calm and acting professional when he is surprised and thrilled to see a friend in an unexpected place.

When he spotted our neighbor, he kind of did a double take.  He really did not expect to see her there.  And then, to my surprise and delight, he glanced at me as if seeking permission to greet her.  I told him it was OK and he got up and greeted her, but more calmly than I expected. 

I love seeing him mature and be more thoughtful about his behavior.

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