Monday, November 16, 2015

Isaac Made a New Friend

Today at the Medicaid office, Isaac made friends with the cutest little girl. She was probably three or four and as soon as she spotted Isaac in the waiting area (he was conked out on his side sleeping), she announced to everyone, "That dog is sleeping! We should not be too loud. That dog is sleepy. We won't yell so we won't wake him up."

She was fascinated with him, though, and kept moving closer and closer. I asked her if she wanted to pet him and of course she did.

She ended up sitting on the floor beside him, petting his head gently and talking up a storm to him. She told him about her new shoes, about how she had lost a tooth, and some other stuff I didn't quite understand. At one point I heard her tell him, "You're my friend. I like you and you like me. You are my friend now." It was absolutely adorable.

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