Sunday, November 22, 2015

Service Dogs in Rental Cars

I have a rental car at the moment because Friday I had a minor car accident and my van is in the shop.  I have stuff related to the accident to blog about, but not right now.  Later.

But rental cars.  This is the second time I've had a rental car since I've had Isaac.  Under Title III of the ADA, service dogs are allowed in rental cars.  It seems many rental car companies specifically do not allow pets in the cars, but a service dog is not a pet.  They are allowed.

The first rental car I had, the employee that assisted me seemed unsure when I told him my service dog would be in the car.  I told him the Americans with Disabilities Act says he is allowed.  The employee looked unsure but said he guessed it would be OK.

The current rental car is from a different company.  The employee that assisted me informed me that they don't allow pets but that of course my service dog would be OK.  Then he informed me that if there was excessive dog hair in the car, I would be charged for cleaning.  Well, yeah, but it would have to be so much hair that  normal vacuuming would not remove it.  And that is unlikely. 

I put a sheet over the entire back seat to help keep the seat clean.  I am not worried about hair.

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