Saturday, November 28, 2015

Returning the Rental Car

Friday I got to pick my van up at the garage and that also meant I got to return the rental car.

When I rented the car, I was informed that the rental company had a no pets policy, which seems to be typical of rental car companies these days.  Isaac was there with me at the rental car office and the employee that was assisting me said something like, "Of course, I see you have a service dog and that's OK."  He said, "I'm just going to write on this paperwork, customer has a service dog," and I saw him write it.

I had a sheet with me and I covered the entire back seat with it, not just the flat part you sit on, but the back of the seat, too.  Fitted sheets work great for that, by the way.  So Isaac never sat directly on the seat the whole time I had the car.

When I returned the car, I did notice a small amount of dog hair, mostly on the front driver's seat.  Where Isaac never sat, of course, because while he is very smart, he cannot drive.  That hair had been transferred to the seat from my coat.  Which would have happened even if Isaac had never been in the car, because my coat would have still been in the car.

The employee saw the hair and said, in a not-so-friendly tone of voice, "Did they tell you no pets in the car?  Did you sign that paper saying you understood?"

I said, "Yes, and no pets were in the car.  However, my service dog was in the car.  He is allowed in the car, because the Americans with Disabilities Act says he is allowed."  I added, "I think that small amount of dog hair will be easily removed with normal vacuuming."

She was looking unhappy and flipped through the paperwork to show me the form I signed agreeing to their no smoking and no pets in the car rules.

I said, "I think Gerry wrote something about my service dog on the paperwork somewhere when he rented me the car."

She flipped through the paperwork again and seemed a little happier then.

I was annoyed.  I hope they do not end up trying to charge me for the dog hair because it really was not a lot of hair and should be easily removed if they vacuum, which I assume they do between customers anyway.

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