Saturday, November 7, 2015

Update on the Dental and Health Stuff

The dental work went well.  The most painful part of the procedure was injecting the novacaine.  A couple places where the needle had to go, it hurt.  But then I didn't feel anything during the procedure.  And it didn't take that long.

There were a couple moments where my PTSD was triggered a bit.  My jaw was starting to ache from having my mouth open so wide and the feel of the dentist's hand on my face was triggering.  I was able to push it away, to force myself back to the present.

I slept much of the afternoon.  Nothing about the procedure should have made me tired, yet I felt wrung out.  Whiskers curled up beside me and we slept off and on most of the rest of the day.

That was Wednesday.  Thursday I felt a little tired still but got a lot of stuff done.  Then Thursday night, I had nightmares.  I woke up for a while, managed to go back to sleep, had more nightmares.  Finally dragged myself out of bed, still tired, but not wanting to even try to sleep anymore.  And then Friday night was the same.  I'm guessing the nightmares were triggered by the dental procedure.  Hopefully I will be able to sleep better tonight.

The dizziness continues.  It seems to get worse in the evenings for some reason.  That's really the only pattern I've noticed.

I have an appointment later this month with an ENT.  Hopefully he has some ideas about it.

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