Thursday, November 19, 2015

So, Like I Said, I Saw the ENT Today

And when he finished telling me about his affinity for labs, he did examine me.  It was a pretty quick appointment.  He wanted to schedule some testing, which is what I expected to happen.  He asked some questions, seemed to be making sure my dizziness and other symptoms were not likely to be caused by something like a stroke or a brain tumor (I already know they were not), and then said he thought the best thing to do was to do some tests to see if there is something wrong with my inner ear(s).  Which made sense to me. 

So still no answers and no treatment, but they were able to schedule the testing for next week, which seemed really quick to me.  And I will see the doctor that same day, right after the tests, so I will get the results and hopefully we will have some answers then.

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