Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Service Dog Off Duty

Isaac injured his leg today at the park. He was running and apparently ran into something, maybe a fallen log he tried to jump over, I'm not sure because while he was within my eyesight, I was not close enough to see what happened.

I heard him yelp and then he came back to me limping. At first he wouldn't put any weight at all on his left back leg. Then he started walking on it sometimes, but not all the time, but still limping.

We must have been at least half a mile from our car and I was scared I wouldn't be able to get him back to the car. I thought about trying to carry him but he weighs nearly 80 pounds. There is no way I could carry him. I was considering calling a friend and begging him to leave work to come  help me, but Isaac seemed able to walk as long as we went slow, so that's what we did.

I could tell he was in pain. He was panting heavily and his eyes were really wide. He looked very stressed.

We went to the vet and he as a lot of swelling and a nasty scrape on that leg. Fortunately nothing is broken and the vet does not even think anything is sprained. He has anti-inflammatory medication and unfortunately for him, he will not be able to go for long walks or run or do anything active for two weeks (at least). He will mostly be off work for two weeks, as well, although I may take him to a few appointments I have that will not involve much walking IF he is no longer limping and does not appear to be in pain.

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