Monday, April 22, 2013

Moving Stuff

Yesterday Isaac and I spent most of the day at the new apartment.  I took one of his blankets (unwashed, so it would smell like home) for him to lie on, several of his toys, two new stuffed animals, and a new beef bone for him to chew on.  There is no furniture in the apartment yet; that won't be there until next weekend.

I cleaned while Isaac followed me around, taking occasional breaks to play with his toys and gnaw on his bone.  Um, Isaac took breaks to play with his toys and gnaw on his bone.  I did not not gnaw on his bone, although I did throw his Kong for him a few times and play tug with his new stuffed animals.

I like the apartment a lot better after spending some time there and cleaning it.  In addition to physically cleaning everything (it wasn't really that dirty, they did a pretty good job cleaning before I signed the lease, but I just wanted to sanitize everything), I lit candles in every room and burned some incense.  A friend came over and smudged the whole place with sage and sweet grass.  I played some spiritual music, chanted, and sang.  I added essential oils to the water I was cleaning with.  My friend also sprinkled holy water in every room.  I opened the windows and aired everything out.  The energy feels a lot better now.

I hung up my new shower curtain, which does hide the grab bars in the bathtub, of course.  The bars around the toilet seem a little less noticeable with other stuff in the room, like a bright green towel that I got at the thrift store for a dollar.  I got a few other things for the bathroom at Walmart, like a trash can and a toothbrush holder and a wonderful fluffy pale green rug (as soon as I put the rug down, Isaac lay down on it; he approves!).

Isaac and I went for a couple of long walks, since the weather was nice again.  He needed to sniff everything and pee on as many bushes and trees and telephone poles as possible.  He felt it was important to let all the other dogs know there is a new dog in town!

I think Isaac will adjust to the move pretty easily.  He'll probably adjust more easily than I will, actually.


  1. You sound much happier about your new place, I'm glad. LOVE the new shower curtain (where did you find it?), the color choices for towel and rug. Great job, and green is such a clean, fresh color! Could you put a few hand towels on the grab bar by the toilet, or possibly install a small shelf over it to hold things...a candle, some potpourri? Glad you didn't gnaw on Isaac's bone, but a girl's gotta get her protein somewhere!

    1. The shower curtain is from Meijer. Yeah, I will probably do something like put hand towels over the grab bar by the toilet. I feel a lot better about the bathroom, though.

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