Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Smart Dog

One recent Saturday, Isaac's dog walker (otherwise  known as his running buddy) was scheduled to arrive soon and I was preparing for her arrival.  I got out a couple plastic bags for picking up poop and put a few doggie treats in a baggie and put those things on the table near the front door so they'd be ready when she arrived.  Isaac, tail wagging with anticipation, began running from window to window, looking out to see if she was here yet, whining and wiggling and just generally demonstrating how excited he was at the prospect of a run.

"Does he know she's coming?" Mike asked.  "Is that why he's acting like that?"

"Yep," I said.

"Really?" Mike asked.  "How does he know?"

The dog walker usually comes at the same time of the day, but she doesn't come every day.  She doesn't even come on the same days of the week.  Her schedule varies.  But Isaac is a smart dog.  He knows that when I get out plastic poop bags and put treats in a baggie, it's because his running buddy will soon be here.  And he loves to go running.

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