Friday, November 22, 2013

Another Visit to a Food Pantry

There is a food pantry in my town that provides fresh produce once a month.  Apparently it's very popular.  They give out produce from noon until 3:00 pm, unless they run out sooner; it's first come, first serve.  I arrived at noon and had to wait in line for an hour to get my produce.  I got a bunch of sweet potatoes, a bunch of onions and five avocados.  I also got some raspberry Greek yogurt, which I am thrilled about, although I'm not sure why Greek yogurt is considered produce.

I'm not sure what I think about waiting in line for an hour, though for potatoes, onions and avocados.  There is something sort of demeaning about waiting in line for a really long time for food.  And to be honest, I was kind of disappointed not to get a bigger variety of produce.  I was hoping for some fruit of some kind.

I also have no clue what I'm going to do with all these avocados.  I'm thinking avocado, tomato and cheese sandwiches would be good.  I have some spicy mustard and I have bread that I got at the food pantry Wednesday.  But I have no tomatoes and no cheese.  I'm not sure I want to spend my $15 in food stamps on tomatoes and cheese.  I have to figure out what to buy with that $15 that will stretch the farthest and I'm not sure cheese is the answer.

I have a box of jambalaya mix in my cupboard.  I normally make it with vegetarian sausage.  But I was thinking I could buy a can of beans (less than a dollar if I buy the store brand) and throw those in there.  Some avocado would be good on top of that.  I could saute some onion and put it in there, too.

I have some homemade salsa that I canned over the summer.  I could buy a can of black beans and put some salsa and avocado on those.

Maybe I'll save one of the avocados, though, and buy stuff to make sandwiches when I get my SSDI the beginning of next month.  Will avocados keep that long?  I have no clue how long they keep.

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